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Scheduled Housekeeping for your Home, Vacation Home, Apartment or Condo in Liberty Lake Washington. This is my specialty.

Move in- Move out

Please call or use the online form for availability for this service. If I can schedule you in between our ongoing clients Real Clean is happy to help.

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Living ROom

Professional Housekeeping is a deep and thorough cleaning of the space, leaving it looking and smelling fresh and clean. Boost productivity, as a clean and organized living room can make it easier to find things and stay on top of tasks. Maintaining a clean living room can improve the quality of life by providing a comfortable and healthy space to relax and spend time with loved ones.


The hub of any home we give extra attention to Every surface and appliance will be cared for. A clean kitchen plays an important role in enhancing family time, creating a warm and inviting space for shared experiences and memories.


Create a comfortable and peaceful space where you can relax, unwind, and recharge. A tidy bedroom promotes better sleep and can even reduce stress levels. Additionally, it helps to eliminate allergens and dust that can negatively impact your health.


I assure your space is fresh and clean, always inviting and welcome for guests, family and getting ready for adventure each day.

Personalized House Care

Professional Housekeeping goes beyond the normal to assure your living space is as you need it to be, I take extra care with special items or spaces spend time in or need more  attention.


My current clients have been with me for years.


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Serving Liberty Lake Washington.


My personalized approach and attention to cleaning your home is unique. Contact Ashley for a FREE quote.


Professional Standards and personal attention to each home’s needs. Regular appointments are my specialty.

Did you know I am a Realtor?

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